Teenagers From Outer Space(Tom Graeff, 1959) 

Teenagers From Outer Space
(Tom Graeff, 1959) 

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Juvenile Jungle
(William Witney, 1958) 

DIG magazineMay 1962 

DIG magazine
May 1962 


Robin Ward - Winter’s Here
(Gil Garfield/Perry Botkin, Jr.)
b/w “Bobby”
Dot 16578 (March 1964)

Chicago just had its first significant snowfall, and it took all the way until mid-January. To commemorate it, here’s Robin Ward’s followup single to her 1963 smash “Wonderful Summer.” The artist was actually Jackie Ward, a highly successful studio backup singer over a career of several decades. She worked extensively in television - you can hear her in the Flipper and Batman themes, and she was also one of the main voices of The Partridge Family.

Jackie Ward recorded “Wonderful Summer” as a demo, using an intentionally teen-y voice. They ended up releasing it as a single and it went all the way to #8. Because she wasn’t actually a teenager, she used her daughter’s name, Robin, and never toured behind it. She did release this snowy followup the next year, but it failed to chart.


George Harrison being self-aware of the marketing behind his own teen idol status at the beginning of Beatlemania.

A Hard Day’s Night
(Richard Lester, 1964)


Group of teenagers in a record shop watch 13-yr-old Steve Shad imitate moves of rock star Elvis Presley.

Robert W. Kelley
LIFE Magazine
August 1956 


Little Peggy MarchMy Teenage Castle (Is Tumblin’ Down)
(Billy Gussak/Stephen Friedland)
"I Wish I Were a Princess" b-side
RCA Victor 47-8189 (June 1963)

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